The hallmark of Challenger’s strength is the network of relationships built since 1996 with many of the most successful property owners, managers, developers and hoteliers. Our brand is synonymous with setting industry standards for customer satisfaction and quality service delivery with a “do it better” attitude. We offer our clients a professional, cost-effective, well-disciplined and high quality service through a diverse range of environments.

The key skill of Challenger is in the provision of professional and systematic integrated property services through a tried and tested, well-disciplined and structured system. Achieving a high quality, reliable and ethical supply of services; constantly improving standards; and high end quality delivery, through skilled and trained professionals. We take pride in developing and maintaining lasting business relationships with all our clients. Our unique approach and commitment to a philosophy of integrity ensures that all services are provided on time, on budget and at the highest quality. Whilst maintaining a commitment to quality and innovation, we believe that excellence is always achieved in partnership with our clients, by being pro-active and listening to our client’s needs.

Our company further recognises that in order to maintain customer satisfaction, it must conform beyond our customer expectations and completely fulfill its obligations in accordance with the specifications. Challenger’s core competencies are in the provision of an environmentally sustainable and professional service, utilising environmentally preferred procedures that have less impact on human health and the environment.

Our focus is continual improvement, driven by quality audit and occupant feedback results. Whatever the size or standard of your facility, our philosophy remains the same: “We have a passion for perfection.”