Cleaners Have Their Own Forest

The benefits of trees are undeniable. Not only do they absorb greenhouse gas emissions, but they improve air quality, recycle water, create shade, and provide food and homes for living things across the planet. The simple act of planting trees helps sustain our communities and the environment in countless ways.

Challenger is a major supporter and donor to environmental funds, every year selecting a new program to support. For the last three years we have been involved in the plant a tree program, planted 1,300 trees per year. We are committed to this initiative for the next 10 years and eventually will have a whole forest assigned to us. The Plant a Tree program allows you and your business to offset the carbon dioxide emissions related to the use of your products or services by helping to regrow and protect forests. We invite your organisation to participate in this program with Challenger, helping to achieve better NABERS ratings and greater carbon offset credits.

National Expansion

Having successfully provided integrated service solutions to our clients in Sydney for more than 15 years, Challenger recently launched an Australia-wide expansion program with operations now being established in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The implementation and transformation into a national service provider could not have happened without the dedication and commitment of our management and staff.

As a team, they focused on coordinating with all client key personnel, managing the pace of transition, controlling resources and assisting the transition team to stay on schedule. They were selected because of their combined transition experience, relevant subject matter expertise, and knowledge of all service lines deliverable.

In summary, the national expansion project’s success was due to the open communication between all key personnel involved in addition to the understanding of what outcomes needed to be achieved. Our clients together with Challenger Management and all staff involved in the project should be commended on their ability to work together as a team as this played a critical part in the success of this project and has developed a strong working relationship between all parties involved.

Same Smile, New Face

When you walk onto a Challenger site our staff will always greet you with the same warm and welcoming smile. On the 1st of July 2013, Challenger officially re-launched under the new brand of Challenger Services Group Pty Ltd.

Reflecting the continual growth of the business and expanded capabilities, Challenger engaged Brand Results to ensure that the rebranding occurred in line with the changing dynamics of the property service industry and wanting a new image that would reflect Challenger’s vision and values.

As a business and in particularly for our clients, Challenger’s strategic direction is tailored towards providing a holistic outsourcing approach in the areas of cleaning, housekeeping, compliance cleaning, stewarding and general soft service and hospitality support staff. This strategy is reflected in our current business structure and in the services delivered to our current clients.

As a result of this holistic approach, the company has conducted extensive research and now has access to the latest equipment and products resulting in the best solution to our customers’ requirements. As such, we have now developed tried and tested synergies between all services to make a greater impact together, than they would separately.

The importance of concentrating on forming strong synergies amongst the deliverable services of our operation is directly related to maximising productivity and efficiency. The better synergy the service elements have together, the more productive and efficient those operations will run. The more efficient and productive an operation is run, the more profits will result. Synergies may be elusive, but they are one of the most important objectives in business. To acquire synergy will result in more efficiency, more efficacy and higher profitability.

“With the national expansion of Challenger and the introduction of our new logo and name coming into play, this is definitely an exciting time for our company and a credit to the staff and management involved since the company was first established in 1996.”