With a commitment to excellence, our aim is to attract the best people into Challenger – the best service demands the best people, so our highest priority is team member selection and training. We make sure nothing is left to chance. Quality control and quality standards are instilled in all our employees at all levels from the Managing Director down to the individual cleaners and service personnel. Every employee has specific responsibilities and is made aware of our company requirements by way of initial induction on commencement of employment, training programs, company policies and procedures, and constant reporting and evaluation on all work performances. Our supervising staff have had many years of experience and are trained not only to provide a superb multi-faceted cleaning and facility service, but to communicate efficiently and effectively, to respond quickly and appropriately, and to understand why attention to detail and obsessive care are critical to their function.

Challenger encourages its staff to develop their full potential and help them attain qualifications. This aids our companies staff to work safely, efficiently and to the highest standard. Challenger recognise that this partnership benefits the clients, the staff and our company, improving the services that we provide

As part of our ongoing commitment to achieving excellence in people standard, we have focussed on building a training framework that achieves the following:

  • Improves the company’s performance.
  • Achieves the company’s objectives.
  • Is available to all employees.
  • Is designed to develop employees to their full potential.
  • Provides support for people at all levels of the organisation.
  • Is understood by people all levels of the organisation.

Challenger values its employees and their contribution to the business. We want to make the most of our employees by developing them to achieve maximum results for the company. Challenger recognises that quality results are achieved by properly trained staff. The company wants to reward and empower its employees. We want to create a fun workplace in which people have the facility to be able, if they wish, to improve their knowledge and skills and have the opportunity to advance to higher positions within the company. It also wants to reward, recognise and retain employees that come to work and do a great job; loyal, trustworthy and consistently performing staff. This is why Challenger has developed a Learning and Development plan which is grounded, clearly in the delivery of the above objects. The Health and Safety of all staff and guests is paramount which is why our standards are consistently above the government legislative requirements.