Whether you’re new to contract (outsourced) cleaning services or are simply looking for a higher standard of client services, we invite you to experience the Challenger Services Group difference. Challenger have been operating as cleaning contractors in Brisbane for several years, and have grown to become a preferred contractor for discerning property and facility managers across a range of different industries. Our attention to detail, ability to work to third party quality assurance standards, and outstanding customer service are just some of the ways we stand out from the crowd when it comes to scheduled cleaning.

A prime example of our specialist services is the commercial kitchen cleaning we provide to Brisbane restaurants, cafes, and other food preparation facilities. We work closely with business owners, kitchen managers and head chefs to develop cleaning plans which meet the highest standards in terms of organisation, cleanliness, hygiene and food safety. We have strong working knowledge of a variety of safety and quality systems, from local council requirements to HACCP standards.

For more information on what we have to offer, or to discuss your business’s needs, contact us today.