Challenger has continued to lead the industry in innovation by becoming one of the first companies to adopt online management technology onto major sites.

Challengers’ Online Management Facility is a key element of our operation in meeting the “green” cleaning standards and guidelines of the properties we service. This facility eliminates all the paperwork involved in managing the facility. Also, by providing shared web-based access to activities on the site, it will result in better and more efficient cooperation and a stronger sense of team work between Challenger and your organisation.

The advantages of introducing this facility into your organisation is that it allows for savings in both resource and energy consumption. Above all, it creates a platform to further develop, implement and maintain new projects, initiatives and efficiencies that would benefit all organisations involved, both environmentally and commercially.

Challenger has recognised that in order to maintain customer satisfaction, it must perform beyond our clients expectations and completely fulfil its obligations in accordance with its environmental specifications. Challengers’ core competencies and key skills have now evolved to include the provision of an environmentally sustainable and professional service, utilising environmentally preferred procedures that have less impact on human health and the environment.