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Challenger is the trusted name across Australia for delivering outsourced commercial cleaning, housekeeping, staffing and facility solutions all of which are executed with precision and excellence, every time.




Our team is driven to synchronise and streamline our clients’ needs by executing efficiencies, that enable us to create optimal work and recreational environments.

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Challenger is a leading strategic outsourcing specialist within Australia’s hospitality market.

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Food manufacturing & production

Challenger is a market leader in the provision of HACCP endorsed cleaning, sanitation and staffing solutions across Australia.

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Health & aged care

Challenger's highly-trained team understand the importance of sanitation and hygiene controls within health and aged care facilities.

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Our Experience

Challenger cares for people. In fact, in a single year our clients trust us to deliver:

Time is precious
in Any Business.

When it comes to servicing, Challenger believes in one thing above all else, being precise.


In any business, time is the most precious commodity. That’s why we believe in one thing above all else being precise. That’s our methodology. Each and every day all aspects of our business work in synchronised precision to service yours. From state-of-the-art and bespoke cleaning processes, and fully sustainable protocols, to revolutionary staff security, and the highest standards in ethics, compliance and reputation risk management. All of which gives you the one thing our closest rivals can’t, more time.



At Challenger, we take compliance very seriously. For our clients, this means their brand and reputation are not only protected by their strategic partnership with Challenger, they are enhanced.

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Our values

Challenger believe in equality for all and actively contribute to sustainable development by delivering social, environmental and economic benefits to all key stakeholders.

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