Challenger was recently involved in the chemical clean-up to polluted waterways programs, with a contribution towards the cleaning and making safe to waterways for the community and environment. Litter is a serious pollution issue that affects our waterways, coastline and ocean – impacting on wildlife, human health and the marine environment.

In 2005, it was estimated that 7 billion tonnes of litter and waste debris enters the world’s oceans annually and most of this comes from the land. Plastics, particularly packaging, create up to 99% of this debris.  Rivers, streams and stormwater drains transport litter hundreds of kilometres to the ocean where currents and winds then carry them all over the world. Marine creatures such as the growling grass frog – a critically endangered species; the Murray crayfish; fresh water turtles – which are nationally threatened; the dramatic water dragon, saltwater pythons and the salt water crocodile are being adversely affected by waterway pollution.